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Wholistic Healing

Harmony for Body, Mind & Soul

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In our approach to treatment we address the whole person including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. We believe in and practice Harmony for Body, Mind and Soul. If you are looking for natural healing sessions or learning a Healing Modality in or around Edmonton – you have come to the right place. “Wholistic Health” managed by Marianne Goetsch has been providing natural healing services and Workshops for Edmontonians and Internationally since 1998.

For Everyone

The Japanese word Rei-ki stands for the concept “universal life energy”. Reiki releases, activates and transforms energy.

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Natural Healing

A natural healing art, based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body.

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The application of the correct colour will change the altered function of the body and help return it to its original healthy patterns.

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Based on Western & Eastern Meditation practices a Step-by-Step course for self-mastery.

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Signature Cell Healing; Shamanic Healing; Raindrop Technique; Face, Scalp & Neck massage; Bach Flower Remedies.

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