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Japan Trip April 09. till April 21. 2015

Cherry Blossom Festivals in and around Kyoto where amazing.

We visit a special Theatre performance presented my real Geisha’s. They play was about the four seasons. The performance with musical instuments was more then enjoyable.

Kyoto has a lot to offer historical and every day was incredible.

Osaka is a very busy city, and still charming and very interesting. We learned so much about Japanese living.

Mt. Koyasan, a stay overnight at an Temple was very enlightened and spiritual. The Mediation hour, Fire Ritual etc. and visitig spiritual/holy places went very deep.

A visit to Mt. Kurama with Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei was another highlight of our trip; and of course the Reiki Healing Circle in his Temple.

This spiritual and cultural experiences are life changing.

Tea ceremonies perfectly presented, what a treat.

A visit to theTemple of 1001, images of thousand-armed Kannon; Golden Pavilion; Nijo Castle; Miyako Odori Spring Festival; Gion Area; Nishiki Market; Yasaka Pagoda; Kimono Factory; Doll Factory and so…….. much more.

Our Tourguide Hiroe made sure that all our expectations where met. Hotels, Food and Sightseeing unforgettable.

We had outstanding experiences and have wonderful trip memories.

We plan to do another Japan Tour in 2017/18. If you are interested to explore Japan, please inquire.

Marianne Goetsch at ewg@telusplanet.net